The Morphe 35OS – 35


The Morphe 35OS – 35 Colour Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette is just giving me life right now. Like how amazing are all those beautiful warm toned browns and red colours? Just perfect for any kind of smokey eyeshadow look I would do on myself and for anyone else who loves a bit of shimmer on their eyes.

I have to say for the price of these palettes, all the eyeshadow colours you get and the amazing pigmentation you get from them, they are outstanding! This palette is roughly around £21 and $22, unfortunately you cant seem to purchase them in Ireland yet, but I will leave the links below to the sites which you can purchase them from.

The formula is super pigmented and really easy to blend out. In this particular palette you get some neutral shimmers for a day time look and some more smokey shades for a dramatic evening look, so its extremely versatile. I got mine for Christmas and honestly have used it everyday for my day time/work makeup and all my evening looks.

I currently have my eye on the matching Morphe 35OM – 35  palette which is the matte version of mine. They also have an amazing purple toned palette which looks divine. Seriously though, when you think about it, an Urban Decay Naked palette is twice the price of these palettes with a quarter of the amount of eyeshadow shades! It really is a no brainer why these are so popular and always seem to be low in stock! Im definitely going to be building up my Morphe palette collection as these are such an amazing product and their quality is top notch!

Link to purchase are below!




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