Saturday with the girls

Hey lovelies!

Today my Mam and I went for a refreshing walk along the seafront, which is one of our favourite weekend rituals. I find it so therapeutic living by the sea and I feel so lucky to have such a gorgeous promenade right beside me. Although todays walk was a little more testing as the elements were not in our favour! The picture below was taken just before the sky opened up and literally drenched us!

We went for a breakfast afterwards and met up with Olivia. We went to Molaughney’s which is a fab spot for breakfast in Clontarf if you haven’t tried it. I ordered two poached eggs and brown toast – divine! Then we came home and I took some fashion photos for the blog, although, Im not too sure if I like how they turned out? Im sure you will see them soon enough!

Enjoy your weekend babes!