Chokers and Velvet


I have to say I think Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week! I know the saying is that Wednesday is “hump day”, but not for me, my hump day is definitely Tuesday! Tuesdays just drag in for me during work, I feel like the day is never going to end. But luckily I have survived another Tuesday and decided to get this look up for you to end the day on a good/productive note. Creating content for my blog and editing the photos is my favourite part of blogging. I could do it forever. I would love to blog as my full time career, oh well, one can dream.

I was inspired by Kendal Jenner with this look, you know the one were she is wearing the yellow camisole and black high waisted skirt? I think she wore it on The Tonight Show once? Anywho, how fab is Kendal’s fashion sense? I just love her model style, it always seems so effortless and cool. But she is a super model after all, so, Im sure she could wear a brown paper bag and make it look good! Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

Lauren x

Top – Bershka (old)

Skirt – Zara

Shoes – Toshop (old)