Welcome to The Sound Of Fashion 2017

Well hello friends and welcome to the new and improved ‘The Sound of Fashion’, and welcome to the newest aspect of the blog – my Youtube channel! I have honestly wanted to get into doing Youtube videos for so long and Im so excited to finally share my first ever video! Ive been putting it on the long finger for so long because I have been too shy or too afraid of what people might think?! But who cares! I need to take my own advice sometimes and “stop caring what people think” because you will never know what could become if you never try… So please like and subscribe as there will hopefully be plenty more fashion videos just like this one coming soon.

So what can you expect this year from me? I’ll still be posting all the usual stuff I was before the re-furb like makeup, skincare, fashion and the likes, but on a new and improved site. Ive wanted to give my blog a make-over for some time now and I thought I would wait until I was completely satisfied with it before I relaunched it. I  wanted something that felt a little more grown up and a bit more mature.  I began The Sound of Fashion when I was only 22 and over the past three years Ive grown up, gotten new interests and most obviously changed my tastes and style, so, ultimately I wanted a new style and layout to refelect it.

When I first began The Sound of Fashion it was primarily high-street looks from Missguided and Primark or River Island. But, I feel as Ive gotten older, I prefer dressing in more age appropriate brands and perhaps splurging on some items I know I will cherish and get a lot of use from. So, inevitably I wanted a new space that I could share my new styles and tastes with you all. I also want to write more interesting and thought provoking articles on here, rather than just rhyming off where I bought something and what I chose to wear it with. I want to write articles/posts about my thoughts or different aspects of my life that maybe I never discussed before and have a bit more fun with blogging in general.

Now, Im not saying that I’m going to turn this blog into a high-end designer blog, because Lord knows I cant afford to spend all my months wages on a handbag – yet! But, I just want The Sound of Fashion to be a better depiction of your normal 25 year old gal trying to find her way in life, discussing her favourite things. There will also be a higher emphasis on healthy eating, so expect more delicious recipes and fitness talk from me. A staple New Years resolution of mine is always try to hit the gym and eat healthy, so far so good, still not going as often as I anticipated or eating as squeaky clean as I intended, but Im getting there, and I am going to take you on my lifestyle overhaul journey with me.

I am also experimenting with the whole capsule wardrobe idea to help me save money and stop me impulse buying – I shall report back on this one. Its meant to be life changing.

I hope you don’t mind me changing it up a lil bit around here, but, I honestly think you will love it and I can’t wait to share some of my ideas I have been working on!

I have a gut feeling 2017 is going to be fab for us all 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the new and improved site and please let me know what you think!?

All items linked below.

Lauren x

Jumper – Reiss

Jeans – Topshop

Heels – Primark

Bag – River Island

Bracelets and rings – Pandora

Earings – Topshop