Erin Condren Life Planner

Hello Guys!

Hope you all had a fabulous pay day weekend and you weren’t blown to pieces on Saturday night from storm Ewan! I was on a flight this morning from Manchester to Dublin and I honestly thought the pilot was going to have to crash land the plane. The turbulence was on another level and I remember at one point it felt like the plane had done a 180 and flipped on its side, I felt like I was on a ride at Disney World. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you are on a roller-coaster? Well, I was shaking with the nerves, nevertheless, I survived. Thats Ewan off the Christmas card list anyway.

This Christmas my boyfriend bought me an Erin Condren Life Planner, which I had wanted for ages. All the stationary nerds out there Im sure will have heard of these. Im honestly the biggest stationary nerd and lover of trying to be organised. I just love buying pretty notebooks, pens and markers and making all these plans and goals with the best intentions. Im also just pretty fond of writing things down. Im still not convinced about the whole online planner situation. I especially love getting creative with my journals or planners and thats what gravitated me towards Erin Condren.

Firstly you can personalise your planner and get your initials on the front cover, but, you can also choose wether you want a horizontal notebook design or vertical, colourful or monochrome? You can even go super high-end and get a leather cover, the options are endless.

She has a range of different covers to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes and you can choose from a gold, silver or rose gold spine. I chose the rose gold, but, bear in mind this will costs extra. The planner comes with various stickers for different events throughout your year ranging from birthdays to hair appointments. You can also buy lots of different accessories for your planner but I just stuck with the free ones that came with the planner itself. She also has a range of thank you cards, invitations, notebooks and different pens/markers on her site, so, you really can go all out if your fancy. To be honest though, I just wanted the planner.

Each month has an inspirational quote and a full calendar so you can see how the days of the week fall that particular month. With the inspirational quotes and bright colours of mine it really does inspire me to be more productive and positive. That what I lover about Erin’s planners  – they’re so positive! There is even a special place each week to write a ‘thankful thought’.

I have been loving using my planner for the past two months and will definitely be ordering another one for 2018 (eeep that sounds scary). If you are trying to get more organised or just want to have a pretty planner to bring around in your handbag I would highly recommend Erin Condren.

Much love,