Checking in with your New Years Resolutions

As important as it is to create goals and resolutions at the beginning of each year, Im making it just as important to check in at the end of each month, to see if I’m actually sticking to them. I find every year that I make new goals – most of which are the same as the year before, like for example, go to the gym regularly or lose a few pounds etc. But, they always seem to disappear to the back of my mind or I become demotivated and all of a sudden I’ve forgotten what it was I was trying to achieve? But not this year. This year Im making a conscious effort to keep reading over my goals and check in to see if I’m actually putting in the work.

What I did differently this year was, I made a framed picture of all my goals and hung it on my wall near my desk, so, they are basically in my face everyday – unavoidable, staring me blankly in the face when I wake up or when I come home from work. Although this might seem a little dramatic (needing to put my goals in eyes view at all times) it’s actually a really great tip. The more I virtually see them everyday the more I remember how each one of my resolutions/goals means to me. I remember how much I want to achieve them and how don’t want to let myself down or let another year go by were Im unhappy about something. If you just take a mental note of your resolutions or just write them down inside a notebook, the less likely you are to remind yourself everyday of what you want to achieve or become.

I can be really lazy when I come home from work, tired and stressed out, all I want to do is put on my onesie and lie on my bed drinking tea and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Although I may be happy at the time, Im doing nothing to improve my current situation that I am unhappy about. If your unhappy about your college course or your current job for example, you need to make the effort once a week to apply for new jobs or perhaps see a career coach or guidance councillor and not let it slip to the back of your mind and do nothing about it.

Its all about taking a more proactive approach this time around. Having my goals out on display means I can look at them and evaluate which ones I’m sticking to more regimentally and which ones just aren’t achievable? I decided this year I wanted to only eat fish, which I now realise was a little over ambitious considering I don’t really really like fish…This was way too difficult to stick to and I ended up giving that up after about a week! But, what is really working is my other resolution – “go to the gym 4 times per week”. Now, sometimes I only go three days per week, but, I’m going a hell of a lot more frequently this year than I have in a long time. Which is actually making me go to the gym more, knowing Im keeping up with one of my resolutions.

Seeing as one of my favourite new goals is becoming a gym-bunny, I thought I would share some sports wear pieces I currently have my eye on for pay day.

How do you stick to your goals and resolutions? I would love some tips!

Thanks for reading,

Lauren x

Gym bag – Asos

Pink Sports bra – Nike

Ivy Park jumper – Topshop

Nike Track Top – JD Sports

Velvet Joggers – Topshop

Socks – Adidas

Nike Leggings and Sports bra – JD Sports

Nike gloves – JD Sports

Water Bottle – JD Sports