My Secret to glowing skin in Winter

Well hello there! Long time no speak! I hope you all are keeping well and are getting into the Christmas spirit? I personally love Christmas and all the bells and whistles that go along with it. Starbuck Christmas coffees, present buying, meeting up with friends and family you may not have seen in ages – I love it all! Its odd for me this year though, as I am not working in retail anymore, Christmas all of a sudden isn’t “forced” on me from the 1st of November. I feel so unprepared this year as I’m not surrounded by possible “objects” to buy for loved ones, or constantly thinking of what to get everyone as its not so – in my face any more? I haven’t bought a single present for anyone which is so strange for me as I normally have my presents or at least know what I am buying for people at this stage.

Speaking of presents, if you are planning on treating yourself this Christmas, I have my three most loved products I discovered this year for creating a glowing complexion. I think your base makeup is detrimental to how the rest of your makeup will turn out and I highly recommend investing in a high-end foundation and and illuminator if you like a dewy finish.

My favourite foundation of all time is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I have tried many other dewy foundations from Bobbi Brown to Nars and I always end up going back to this one when I want to look my freshest. I have already reviewed this foundation here.

As we all know, central heating, the heating in your car and even the cold air can make your skin change and become dry and dull. To combat this I use an illuminating base, either applied straight to my skin or mixed in with my foundation. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone is by far the best one I have tried. It is a pretty powerful product and definitely makes your skin shimmer. I think it works best when mixed in with your foundation. I normally do 2 pumps of my Luminous Silk and 1 pumps of Moonstone and mix them together on the back on my hand and apply to a well moisturised face.

Another favourite of mine that I can not live without is my Becca highlighter in Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill. Just like Moonstone this is a very powerful and pigmented product, so it really gives you a glow when applied. If your a fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow, its quite similar but waaay more intense!

These three products for your base during any dull and dreery morning will have you looking fresh and healthy all day, no matter what you feel on the inside!



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