Label Lusting: Gucci

I feel like one of the biggest brands this year has definitely been Gucci. From their iconic Dionysus handbag to their infamous and oh so instagramable leather belt. It seems like anyone who is anyone is sporting Gucci recently and I have to admit Im totally on board! I think their recent collections have been outstanding, especially footwear and accessories. One cant mention Gucci without instantly thinking about their loafers. Oh how I would adore my own pair, especially the ones with the embroidered flowers…fab!

Ive rounded up some of my favourite Gucci items down below and I can 100% say I will own that black Gucci belt with the fab gold buckle this Christmas! 🙂 I have created a whole Pinterest board dedicating to lusting after all the items we cannot afford, here. Please check it out as I have lots more Gucci inspo for you all x

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