Kiko Make-up Review

Hey Guys,

Whilst I was in Madrid last month I picked up a couple of Kiko make up products. I have never used anything from Kiko before and it seemed to be a really popular brand in Madrid because whenever I walked by any of their stores they were packed full of customers. Needless to say I had to go in and see what the fuss was all about for myself!

The two main products I bought were from their new collection, which was the Flower Enriched Bronzer (02 Couture Sienna) and the Blush Cocoa Shock. These products I absolutely looove! The blush palette is so gorgeous and it smells like drinking chocolate powder. Its not too intense and so pigmented that you are afraid to get too much product on the brush, rather, you can have a few good swirls in the blush with your make up brush and apply; and you wont look like a drag queen.

The bronzer is a lovely colour for when I have fake tanned and I’m using my darker foundation. Unfortunately its too dark for my natural skin tone. Its alot more pigmented than the blushes and I am really impressed with it so far. I know I will definitely get a lot more use of this product during summer. These products were extremely affordable, I think they were both around €12-€15? The quality of these products for the price tag is amazing and I would definitely buy loads more products from this brand in the future.

I also purchased a random olive green eye (shade 209) shadow because when I swatched their shadows they were extremely buttery and seemed really good quality. I went for this colour as I thought it would make my green eyes pop. The eyeshadows are equally as great as the bronzer and blushes and I will definitely be marching straight into the next Kiko make up store I see.

Take Care,