Marc Jacobs Supercharged Foundation

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I purchased this foundation back when I was in NYC as I was desperately in need of something new. My Nars foundation just wasn’t cutting the mustard ¬†anymore. I heard great things about Marc Jacobs as a brand but never tried any of their products before. I was particularly interested in the infamous “Remarcable Foundation” but I just don’t like a full coverage foundation for everyday use as I prefer a more ‘glowy’ complexion.

I decided to take a risk and go for the Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation. It is a gel/creamy consistency which can be worn either lightly or built up to a medium coverage. This is also an anti ageing foundation which is meant to protect your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. It is supposed to be long wearing and not settle in any fine lines on the face.

Ive never really tried a foundation like this before and mine is a little too dark for me so it requires a lot of blending when I apply it, but I will admit it does do exactly what t says ¬†on the tin. The finish is very natural and makes your complexion really bright and even and it is really long wearing, which I love. Before I even read the description of this foundation online I noticed straight away that it really doesn’t settle in any of my smile lines or fine lines under my eyes even after and 8 hour shift and the longer its on your face the better it looks, its like magic!

I really really like this foundation but would I chose it over my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk? Probably not. I do wish that I bought it in a better shade for my skin tone because I feel like this would eliminate any doubts I have about it. Nonetheless it is one great foundation and definitely worth a try if your looking for something high-end. It makes me really want to try the ‘Remarcable Foundation” so much more now!

Take Care,