NYC Day 2

Day two in New York was definitely one of my favourites. We packed the day full of sightseeing, and in hindsight maybe there was a little too much sightseeing, our feet were so swollen and sore by the end of  day 2 I thought my feet would never be the same again. According to our pedometer on our phones we walked 17kilometres, which, was like over 22000,00 steps!!

On that particular morning we had breakfast at the hotel because it looked really nice and who doesn’t love a good continental breakfast though? Plus we weren’t bothered trying to find somewhere around our hotel so this suited us on this particular day. It was so worth it too, just incase you’re wondering! I threw in a pic or two of the hotel rooftop bar/decking area just so you could see what I was talking about in my previous post. Again, I would highly recommend Novotel.

We decided to go to The Rockefeller Centre first because everyone that told me about NY that it was something we just had to do . Seeing Manhattan from all the way up on The Observation Deck was amazing especially when you are from such a small city like Dublin. The tickets costs $17 but you can book them in advance in the morning and then come back whenever your slot is. Luckily we got there just before the crowds so we only had to wait 15 mins before we could go up.

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-20-06-51After that we made our way down to the daunting Subway and purchased our metro tickets to get around for the week (we bought one for unlimited use for $30) which was amazing because we ended up using the Subway multiple times a day and you get around the city so fast. We decided to make our way to Greenwich Village to see some of the other burroughs of New York and because I really wanted to visit Carrie’s stoop from Sex and the City.

Greenwich Village was really lovely and such a cool spot to walk around. We also visited The Chelsea Market which I would really recommend going to for lunch and a browse. They have every possible cuisine there to suit anyone.

We went for an early dinner in a restaurant that was recommended to us by a couple of people called The Spotted Pig. I literally had the best burger of my life and I wouldn’t normally be huge fan of burgers but Id eat that again in a heartbeat! Definitely give The Spotted Pig a go if your around Greenwich Village.



After our meal we were quite close to The Highline which is basically an old railway track that has been made into a lovely walkway for a nice relaxing stroll with lovely views. We only spent about 20 minutes at The Highline because we were finding it so difficult to walk. We just kept hoping from bench to bench to rest our sore feet! One word of advice, do not wear Converse if you plan on doing lots of walking!

On our way home we walked through The Meatpacking District and Soho which was so cool. Although we didn’t thoroughly explore these districts they had such a cool vibe and really unique shopping and bars. Definitely would love to go back to Soho for a meal or a few drinks next time!

But thats not all we did! Looking back Im like how on earth did we do so much in one day? We got off our subway at Grand Central Station. It was such a huge station, like nothing I had ever seen before. There were hundreds of people rushing to and from platforms, I just felt like such a small person in a huge sea of people when I was taking it all in.

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When we got back to our hotel that evening we were like zombies, but it was definitely one of my favourite days of the holiday. In a massive city like New York you just have to try squeeze it all in, don’t you?

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  1. Audrey
    September 20, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    Love the post Lauren, was it expensive over there? x