Quarter-life Fashion Crisis

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Does anyone else thats in their mid-twenties kind of feel in a fashion rut? I know I certainly do! I just feel like everything I used to wear from my wardrobe has all of a sudden become “too young” or “too short” or the phrase “what was I thinking?” comes straight to mind. Its like Ive all of sudden just done a 180 turn into a new phase of adulthood and I just feel completely lost and confused about what to wear.

Its like all of a sudden the clothes I used to wear I wouldn’t be caught dead in!? So, about three months ago I had a huge clear out with the intent of making a new more sophisticated wardrobe. But, nearly the whole summer has gone by and Ive hardly purchased anything at all, or Ive bought some statement pieces but have nothing to wear with them. And don’t get me started on the bane of my fashion life at the moment – jackets. I just can not seem to find a single lightweight jacket to wear all summer, so Ive been sweating it around in a bomber for the last two months, dying. Whenever I walk into Topshop – which used to be my go to high street store (majority of my wardrobe was bought there) just isn’t doing it for me anymore. It seems everything is either skin tight, a belly top or hot pants, which I gladly would of have worn about a year ago without thinking twice. Is it that as we grow older we begin to lack a bit of inner confidence in ourselves and don’t want to attract any unwanted attention or even any positive attention?

I also find it difficult during the summer to buy clothes mainly because I think its pointless spending money on summery pieces as we get about 10 days of good weather a year, maybe 12. Does anyone else think like this? The only time I get to actually wear the clothes I buy during summer is on my summer holiday to a much warmer climate, and then usually they just hang in my wardrobe gathering dust until the following year.

Hence, why there just hasn’t been many outfit posts as of late. I just feel all a bit – meh, about clothes and fashion that I have kind of neglected my wardrobe lately. But all is not lost as I have found a couple of new bloggers on instagram that are my age and have great mid-twenty style. One being Sophie from www.fashionslave.co.uk Her style is effortless sophistication with a real girly edge. Everything Sophie buys is high street, so its really affordable. Another blog I’m loving is www.theglamandglitter.com by Tamara, which is mainly high fashion, but great for inspiration and ideas.

I think this Autumn/Winter I’m really going to try to find myself again and find a style I love that I feel confident in. I have been shopping lately for some NYC outfits, so I have some new content coming soon. I hope you like it! Fingers crossed Ill get out of this mid-life fashion crisis asap.

Any other mid-twenty gals out there feeling this way? I’d love to know!

Take Care,

Lauren xxx

Top – Topshop

Jeans – Topshop

Sandals – Topshop

Bag – Michael Kors

Sunglasses – Ray Ban