Cute Nutrition Shakes Review


Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying our spurt of good weather? Fingers crossed it will last until the weekend for all us losers who are stuck in work all week.

I suppose with the pleasant weather and the influx of  all the “hotdogs or legs” photos and Victoria’s Secret models sunning themselves in the Maldives flooding my newsfeeds. I thought I would review a product that I just maybe purchased on a whim, in a last resort of desperation…just maybe? After being influenced by a number of instagram posts of girls with envious figures and a very famous blogger. I wasted my money and bought into the hype and the dark and dangerous world of instagram.

Im talking about the whole gym bunny/protein shake moment the world is having right now and how if you drink protein shakes instead of snacking, you’ll lose weight and look like one of those girls with teeny tiny waists and big bums. Long story short I bought the Cute Nutrition summer bundle pack about a month and a half ago, which, at the time I genuinely thought would help me lose the few extra pounds I had gained this year.

Well as you could have guessed it didn’t work, like even a little. I cant blame instagram for making me purchase it nor Sarah Ashcroft for making me believe it worked, which it seemed to for her, so good for her! But I am genuinely annoyed I spent over €50.00 on this bundle for nothing. According to Sarah Ashcroft all you got to do is have one of these shakes rather than snacking on unhealthy biscuits between meals or whatever and boom – you loose like 10 pounds! Believable story, right? So, I thought I could do that too and checked out their website and instagram to get the low-down and before I knew it I was filling in my card details and delivery address.

Great, so Im all set to be skinny and #fitfam and all that. It arrived about one week later. In my bundle I got a two weeks supply of strawberry protein powder, a shaker, CLA capsules and dandelion root capsules. They say on the packaging to use the shakes as a meal replacement, which is pretty impossible. How could anyone be full after 250ml or strawberry flavoured water/milk? So I decided to do it the “snacking” way, like Sarah. Here is the bundle if you would like more information on the supplements etc. The shakes definitely last longer than two weeks and they are really tasty, so thats a plus, but honestly girls it was such a scam. I lost zero pounds from doing this 🙁

There really is no quick fix after all, ugh! Im just so annoyed I believed that it would actually work and that I would be like one of those insta-famous girls drinking their protein shakes, prancing around in their sports bras and Nike hot pants, loving life! Well I had a serious wake up call and that will be the last time I ever buy into the hype of products like this again and or listen to bloggers that are paid to endorse products. Bit of food for thought there…

I wouldn’t recommend this product guys as having tried to take the shortcut to lose weight and failing, I am now €50.00 poorer and zero pounds lighter. I thought I would write this post just to share my foolishness and to prevent any of you from believing everything instagram tells you!

What do you think? Have you ever bought into the hype of a product and regretted it? Do let me know!

Take care,