Some new skincare bits

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Hey guys! Whoop its nearly the weekend, which means a good Friday evening pamper session is ahead. I love to give myself a bit of a home facial on a Friday evening to prep my skin for the weekend and to give it a bit of TLC after a week at work.

I love to give my skin a good cleanse and exfoliate away any dead skin cells which may be lingering around. I normally follow this up with a face mask depending on how my skin is – either a clay mask for breakouts or an overnight hydrating mask if its a bit dull/dry.

Ive recently picked up two new products from KIEHL’S, ‘Skin Rescuer’ and ‘Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub’. The scrub is quite gentle and you could probably use it as a day to day cleanser if you had particularly dry or flaky skin. But I like to use it every other day to keep my skin looking refreshed. Its great because like I said, its not to harsh on the skin and when it gets in contact with water it foams up nicely. All round very pleasant product to use.

The ‘Skin Rescuer’ from KIEHL’S is amazing, absolutely top notch product in my opinion! Before using this moisturiser my skin was quite dry and lacklustre which is quite unusual for me – to have dry skin that is.  Ive never really suffered with that problem before, but this moisturiser did exactly what it said it would – rescue my skin. It’s quite a thick and creamy texture, but not too heavy in the slightest and makeup sits really well over this product. Both of these products are fragrance free which is great if you suffer from sensitive skin like myself. Theres something about KIEHL’S and their products, I find they’re just great and always work out for me and I never have any reactions/break outs, nothing! I really rely on them and trust them a lot and I would suggest if you haven’t used their products before definitely check them out. But, definitely give this moisturiser a go if your in the market for a new one.



As I said earlier my skin was feeling quite dry recently so I picked up a new hydrating cleanser from Boots. I normally don’t buy a lot of drugstore skincare but I needed a new morning cleanser and I didn’t really have the money to buy a super expensive one at that point. Ive always been intrigued by the Boots Botanics range as they always seem to have some pretty cool products that are really inexpensive and whilst I was there I seen loads more products I’d love to try from this range.

The Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser seemed like just what I needed – something refreshing and light for the morning time. This product is really nice and has a lovely scent to it. It disperses as a gel consistency but once you massage it into the skin it foams up quit substantially and is really nice to massage into your skin in the morning. I really love cleansing my face in the morning with this product and as I said the scent is lovely and pleasant. Wether or not it hydrated my skin, Im unsure? But for under €10 it really does the job well!

After trying this cleanser I would definitely be interested in trying more from the Boots Botanics range.