Life Updates: New job, fitness and holidays.


Hello guys! Hope you all are doing good and are enjoying the longer evenings? I know I am, its making it feel all that bit more summery around here. I’m hopeful for a nice summer this year,  I think we’re owed one! Anyway, l thought I would write a little catch up post and let you guys know what Ive been p to lately and why I have been absent from here.

Probably the biggest and best news I have is that I am finally free from the dreaded world of retail and got myself a new job! THANK YOU JESUS! I cant express how happy and grateful I am to finally be saying adios to Arnotts. Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad place to work and I made so many amazing friends during my time there its just retail is one hard job. Anyone who as ever worked in retail will tell you this. I was constantly working bank holidays and nearly every Christmas since I was 19, I don’t even know the meaning of Christmas anymore! Im so happy I wont be a grinch this year, putting up with grumpy customers, and I can for once enjoy my Christmas and go Christmas shopping and everything else that goes along with it. (Its the little things!)

I have finally gotten myself a 9-5 in the bank #winning. Although its not fashion and ultimately I do want a career in the fashion industry (I think?), Im just over the moon to have a break from working long days and weekends, wish me luck! P.s. I need to sort out a workwear wardrobe asap!

Another little update I have is Ive started a new diet plan to go along with my workout schedule. Ive been on it for about a week now and Im loving it so far. I’m basically doing the ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ diet or in other words ‘flexible dieting’. What this means is that you can only eat a certain amount of Carbs, Fats and Protein per day i.e your macronutrients. Its a great and educational way to loose weight or gain weight. Currently I’m on a 1500 kcal diet an Im aloud to eat 147g of protein, 145g of carbs and 37g of fat. You can work out your macros really easily and if your interested in this diet Ill leave a video down below which will explain the diet in more detail. Im thinking of doing a full blog post about this in a few weeks, once I see how I get on and Ill let you know my full thoughts then.

Along the lines of dieting and a bit of a random update, but I thought I would share it nonetheless. If like me you need a little motivation to get out of bed and go work out, I have recently become obsessed with fitness vloggers on Youtube. Two being, Nikki Blackketter and Heidi Sommers (Buff Bunny). These girls can really kick some ass in the gym and really give me motivation to work harder for the body I want. I would highly recommend checking out some of their workouts online, they will have you squatting like you never even knew you could. Ill link their channels below.

Another bit of news is my boyfriend and I have finally booked our New York holiday for this september! We had the flights booked back in January and we finally found a great deal on a hotel we love. So were all set now for September, just have to start saving every penny I get, Sephora here I come. Our hotel is called Novotel and is in Times Square on Madisson Avenue. We booked ours on and they were having a 20% sale that day on this particular hotel, must have been out lucky day.

Our hotel is still doing some great discounts for anyone interested!!!;label=metatrivago-hotel-57473_xqdz-71321ef92378f9eefa2e1080bff33149_los-1_nrm-1_gstadt-2_gstkid-0_curr-eur_lang-en;sid=3ce777a3d9a98a1b0800c094610d0abe;dcid=4;checkin=2016-04-24&checkout=2016-04-25&dist=0&group_adults=2&group_children=0&no_rooms=1&req_adults=2&req_children=0&sb_price_type=total&show_room=5747323_83096867_0_2&type=total&utm_campaign=ie&utm_content=los-1_nrm-1_gstadt-2_gstkid-0_curr-eur_lang-en&utm_medium=meta&utm_source=metatrivago&utm_term=hotel-57473&

Nikki Blackketter Youtube:

Heidi Sommers Youtube:

IIFYM Video:

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    Congratulation on everything ❤️