Keeping blonde hair salon fresh

purple shampoo

Having blonde highlights can be a lot of maintenance and not to mention a lot of money too! Every 6-8 weeks your going back to the salon to get your roots touched up, which some people love, but for me its such a chore. Sitting in the salon’s chair for 2+ hours ugh… I just find it so boring ok? But afterwards I feel like a majestic blonde unicorn, Im invincible and no one can stop me. All the boringness was worth it and now I feel fab!

After about 3 weeks of having amazing freshly coloured hair, you get a slight bit of regrowth – which doesn’t bother me, but when your blonde goes from a creamy white to a yellow/straw shade it really gets to me, theres nothing worse than when your hair loses its salon feeling.

But I do have a little trick up my sleeve which helps my hair last that little bit longer and avoid the dreaded brassy tones. Lee Stafford’s Bleach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner to the rescue! I love Lee Stafford’s hair care and I have been using his growth shampoo and conditioner for years, his hair growth mask is amazing, you have got to try it! But, recently Ive become a little addicted to his purple shampoo goodness. This shampoo and conditioner are specifically designed for coloured hair and are designed to knock out brassy yellow tones. Im sure you have heard of hairdressers recommending purple/silver shampoo to their blonde clients to help keep blonde hair looking fresh. And when blonde hair costs so much these days its nice to have a purple shampoo up your sleeve for when you need it! This duo is available from Boots, so its really affordable in comparison to hair salon brands.

This duo is definitely worth the try if you have blonde hair, I only use mine maybe 1-2 times per week, as I find constant use can change the colour of your highlights to a grey-blonde, but if thats the colour you are after then go for it! It smells like salon shampoo as well, so you really feel like your giving yourself the salon treatment when you use it.

These two are definitely worth it to keep your hair looking salon fresh for longer, I can barely go a week without using mine, I’m addicted to the results!

Shampoo – here

Conditioner – hereĀ 

Take Care,

Lauren xxx