MAC Holiday Pigment Set

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Ive been somewhat of an eyeshadow hoarder lately…I literally have more eyeshadows than I do anything else in my makeup bag. I have enough eyeshadow pallets to last me through a zombie apocalypse you might say. I told myself I definitely did not need more eyeshadow. But of corse MAC comes along with these pretty little pots of limited edition golden happiness.

This was one of their holiday sets and it contains three subtle pigments and an amazing copper glitter. They are the perfect sultry bronze colours for a sexy eye look. I just know that they will look amazing during the summer months when my skin is a little more tanned. Im not sure if these colours are all limited edition, I doubt it, but Ill give you their names from right to left, ‘Reflects Bronze’, ‘Naked’, ‘Blondes Gold’ and ‘Out All Night’.

I do feel a little cheeky posting this limited edition set as its no longer available, but, I just thought it could give you guys some ideas if your in the market for a change. These are the first pigments that I own in my make-up collection. Wether or not I prefer them to eyeshadow, Im not sure? But MAC are definitely the brand I would go for when buying pigments. I have ‘Blondes Gold’ on my eyes in the photo down below and its a gorgeous, almost cool-toned golden colour. Its quite subtle but they really pop if you spray your brush with MAC’s Fix Plus or my personal fave Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.

I love this little quad of pigments and I cant wait to use them throughout the year for my nights out.

Take Care,

Lauren xxx

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