Looking back, Resolutions and Goals!

happy new year

Happy New Year Everyone! I a so delighted its a new year and a fresh start! I know everyone says it but I really am looking forward to the New Year and for some new beginnings. Without sounding too negative 2015 was just not my year, of corse It had it high points and I am grateful for so much, but it definitely had its lows!

In 2015 a lot changed in my life but, I really grew into myself and I learned a lot about the different kinds of people out there and that you most certainly can not please everyone, no matter how hard you try! So thats one of my new years resolutions – to stop trying to please everyone else at the expense of my own happiness and only do what I want to do. Its time to break away from the people that bring you down and only surround yourself with the people who bring you up.

Being more positive is another resolution which I feel can get forgotten very quickly with the gloomy wether and the quietness of the time of year here in Ireland. People used to always tell me I was such a positive person so I’m going to get that mind frame back and make 2016 The Year of Positivity!

Eating more mindfully and going to the gym regularly. Its a bit of cliché but has to be done!

This year I have promised myself to be more productive and use my time better to get more done. I always use the “I’m tired” excuse for everything, but not this year I wont! This goes for making more effort to see friends, going to the gym and my blog.

Being more consistent with my blog is probably one of my most important resolutions and goals this year, as I feel I have really neglected my blog during certain points last year. Its so strange because its my favourite past time and you would think I would spend all my free time doing it? Don’t get me wrong most of my free days are spent working on posts etc but I don’t think I posted once last December because work was super busy, so I have to be more organised and prepared this year!


oct faves3


I think its so important to set yourself goals each year of what you would like to achieve. So this year Ive made a point to write them down and look over them from time to time. Its always best to put them somewhere you can see them so you can always be reminded of them!

Some of my goals this year are to blog more consistently and grow my social media following, which will take a lot of time and planning but I’m willing to do the hard work this year and really focus on my blog’s content.

Travel Thailand.

Plan a weekend trip to Europe.

Get my blog out there more and stop being afraid of what people might think!

And the list goes on and on! Im going to try really hard to stick to my resolutions and reach my goals this year because I want 2016 to be year and I’m positive its going to be a great one!

Cheers everyone! I hope you all had a great night last night and are enjoying the bank holiday 🙂

Lots of love,

Lauren xxx