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Im sure you’ve heard and seen every blogger/Youtuber rant and rave about this little product till the cows come home, well now its my turn!

This face pallet, exclusive to Space NK here in Dublin, was just too pretty to ignore. After hearing some of my favourite Youtubers sing its praises, when I seen it displayed front and centre in the shop window I just couldn’t help myself but be totally enchanted by its marble, shimmery loveliness.

The pallet contains three highlighter powders, two blushes and a bronzer. All very shimmery, but not too in your face, they are the perfect night-time makeup game changers. The three highlighters of corse are amazing and are great for giving you that JLO glow. But the bronzer and blushes are just so pigmented and gorgeous, a little goes a long way with them.

The three highlight shades are available separately (Dim Light, Iridescent Light, Diffused Light) in full size from Space NK on Grafton St. and they also sell a range of these shimmery marble bronzers and blushes. The quality is probably the best Ive ever tried in terms of the bronzer and the blushes. Definitely will be checking out more shades from Hourglass in the future!

Unfortunately this pallet was a Christmas limited edition set but I just thought it would be worth mentioning seeing as you can buy the lighting powders separately. Definitely check them out if you want to treat yourself to some seriously pretty makeup! I would highly recommend them and the are totally worth the money in my opinion!

ambient lighting edit

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  1. March 15, 2016 / 12:53 am

    I just like the valսabⅼᥱ іnfօгmаtіօn уօu ргоѵіɗe tⲟ үoᥙr агtісⅼеs.
    Ι ѡіⅼⅼ bߋοκmarқ уοᥙr ᴡеbⅼߋɡ and tеѕt оncе mⲟrе hеге fгeԛuᥱntly.

    Ι ɑm sⅼiǥhtⅼу ѕᥙгᥱ I’ⅼⅼ
    Ье tⲟld lotѕ οf new ѕtսff ргоpeг ɦᥱге!
    Gߋoԁ lᥙcκ fοr tɦе next!