Full face of Benefit!


Hello lovlies!

I have another makeup post for you all from one of my favourite makeup brands. I think all of us from a young age can say we’ve all owned a few various products from Benefit. They have so many cult products like their Hula Bronzer, Bad Gal Lash or their Dandelion blush. Benefit was one of my very first make-up splurges waaay back when I was only 13. Oh God when I think back to how I did my make-up when I was 13, I hadn’t a clue! I sound like such an ol’one here but we didn’t have Youtube tutorials teaching us the fundamentals of contouring! I remember buying one of Benefit’s foundations and their Benetint liquid blush and boy did I think I was the bees knees! Apart from having great products, their packaging just gets me every time, its so cute I just love it!

I thought I would do a full face Benefit makeup look using some new products I picked up recently. Ive used all four of these products before and totally forgot how much I loved them. I needed to repurchase my Gimmebrow, so while I was at the Benefit counter I repurchased some old faves of mine.

I tried their Hula Bronzer for the first time today. Its a great bronzer for contouring as its quite cool toned and matte. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Now, Highbeam is one of my all time favourite Benefit products. I don’t know how many bottles Ive gone through over the years but its an amazing highlighter. Its especially great at highlighting your nose and brow bone. Great for summer looking skin.

I also picked up They’re Real mascara, I remember loving this a few years back so I thought I would give it another go. Its a great mascara for separating your lashes and keeping them defined. The mascara wand is amazing, it barely transferred any mascara onto my eyelids so I didn’t have to tidy up with a cotton bud afterwards. And theres not much to say about the Gimmebrow other than its awesome! Its probably the best tinted brow gel on the market. It has tiny fibres in the gel which stick to your own eyebrows which make them appear fuller. If you haven’t tried this magical product you need to!

My lipstick is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mother.

What are some of your favourite products by Benefit?

Take care,

Lauren xx

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