Charlotte Tilbury’s Gift to Goddess Skin

magic cream 1

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, relaxation and indulging! I had such a quiet and cosy Christmas day, basically all I did was eat and sleep! But it was so nice to have a day to do nothing. Ive been working such long days and unsociable hours up to Christmas I was exhausted! Retail really can steal your Christmas! Anywho I tried to stay positive and cherish the moments I had. This is my first day off apart from (obviously) Christmas Day, so Ive really taken advantage and prepared loads of blog posts for the next month or two! I have such a back log of outfits and beauty products that it will surely get the New Year off to a good and consistent start on The Sound of Fashion. Yay.

First up I have three products that have really wow’d me over the Christmas. These three
Charlotte Tilbury products came in a Christmas gift set called Gift to Goddess Skin – I think? I don’t have the box anymore, but it was something along those lines. It contained her infamous Magic Cream, Goddess Skin Clay Mask and Wonder Glow.

magic creammagic crem 5 magic cream 4 magic cream 3 magic cram 2

Ive wanted to try Magic Cream for so long now and this set seemed like the perfect tester for these three products as they are very expensive. Its always best to try them and see what your getting into before forking out for their hefty price tags.

CHARLOTTES MAGIC CREAM – I can not fault this product! Its amazing. Seriously. I have no idea what ingredients are in this but its fantastic for helping stressed or irritated skin – like mine has been for the last while. I wasn’t sure wether it would be too heavy for my combination/oily skin type, but, its actually rather lightweight and non greasy! Ive been using mine as a night cream or when my skin is super tight after a hot shower and it really relieves it and leaves it looking glowing. 10/10 from me.

WONDER GLOW – This is an ‘Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash’ which Im addicted to as well! This product is so good I cant fault it. You can use it three ways, 1. under foundation, 2. over foundation or 3. on its own after applying Magic Cream for a lasting glow. Ive only tried it under my foundation but it really evens out your skin tone, blurs any imperfections and leaves a glow to this skin. Perfect for prepping your skin for a special occasion. This is probably my favourite product and the one I will definitely be purchasing a full size tube of.

GODDESS SKIN CLAY MASK – This is quite different to any other clay mask Ive used before. It doesn’t harden quite like other clay masks do and it doesn’t make it almost impossible to make facial expressions. Rather, its very calming and hydrating.  Ive been enjoying using it after a shower when my skin is very dry and irritated and it seems to effectively reduce my redness and irritation.

So basically, I loved everything!! This trio is definitely the way forward if you want Goddess Skin 🙂