Autumn Hues

I feel as though this year has been somewhat confusing when it came to our seasons. The winter seemed to overstay its welcome and summer arrived un-fashionably late in September. We could possibly get used to this so-called Indian summer, however, it just never seems to last all that long before the rains starts again. But I think there is always one season that arrives in Ireland on time and without effort – autumn.

I keep hearing a lot this year that autumn is everyones favourite time of year, and suddenly mine too! But, apart from the beautiful colours on the leaves and the crisp mornings, I think people have turned towards this autumn infatuation due to its reliability. Its probably one of the only season that we know will arrive and do as its meant to. As opposed to well, the Irish summer. Which, keeps forgetting to arrive, I mean where the hell has Leaving Cert weather been the past few years, eh?

Another thing I love about autumn is the changes in fashion and beauty. I love autumnal nail colours, smokey eyes and berry lips. Wrapping up in wooly hats and layering knitwear. Cracking out our most loved coats and window shopping for that perfect pair of winter boots!

Here are some autumnal items Im coveting for payday.

auyumn hues

Nars dual Intensity Blush

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote

Stella McCartney black ankle boots

Joe Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne

Alice & Olivia polar neck sweater

Acne Studios Mohair Sweater dress

MAC extra dimension eyeshadow

Topshop Suede fringe gloves

Topshop wooly hat

Dior limited edition nail polish

Tom Ford eye colour quad

Kate Spade eye stud earrings