September Favourites

29sept copy

As you can see from this photo I had many favourites this month and to tell you the truth I had even more! But I’m going to do individual in-depth reviews about those products so keep an eye out for those!


First up and probably one of my most favourited items this month and I tell no lies because the whole bottle is completely empty! The Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is probably the best thing to have happened to any one who prefers morning showers and wearing skinny jeans – seriously. You apply the body lotion in the shower, rinse it off then pat yourself dry and you are completely moisturised and free to wear whatever clothes you wish just minutes after your dry without feeling sticky for hours! Magical.

Clinique Anti-Blemish face mask is another coveted item this month. Ive probably used it once a week for the past month before I feel a break out coming on or when my skin is looking a little dull. I have reviewed this product – here.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, now this one might seem a bit random but Ive been trying to get my natural hair in better condition. Its been looking a lot healthier as Ive just gotten a new haircut and I want to keep it looking as healthy as I can. This shampoo has no chemicals or nasty parabens or salt which can only mean good things for your hair and it still leaves it lovely and clean.

The Comforter is just such a lovely smelling shower cream. Is it too early to say that its getting me ready for my ultimate shower cream – Snow Fairy? Only 80 days till Christmas after all 🙂 If like me you love the smell of Snow Fairy this shower cream is right up your street.

Now onto the beauty favourites…

Its only now I realise I’ve had quite a spendy month in the make-up department!! Im still testing out some new makeup I purchased recently for some reviews next month.

MAC’s Prep and Prime highlight pen in Lightboost is a great highlighter to apply over your concealer as an extra highlight to really give you that Kardashian contouring vibe. Its around the €20 mark which I think is pretty good so if your looking for a good highlighter I recommend this one.

The Naked Smoky was a very clear obvious one to include this month. Since receiving this palette I’ve barely put it down. It so versatile and can be used for day or night which is why I love it! Its amazingly pigmented and easily blendable as most UD palettes are which is another big plus for us eye-shadow blending challenged people.

I picked up a new MAC lipstick this month and oh my God I don’t know what the hell I wore on my lips before I got this because I am obsessed with it! Its like the perfect vamp 90’s lip colour of all time – side note, I cant believe how excited I am getting over a new lipstick? Anyway, its fab and its called Captive. I wore it on my birthday and I will be doing a birthday tutorial so you can see it in action then!

My new foundation love is Giorgio Armani’s Liquid Silk foundation. I have reviewed this product – here.

And the last but certainly not least is Bondi Sands fake tan in Dark. Don’t think I’ll be using any other tan any time soon, just love it! Review – here!

So thats everything I have not been able to live without this month. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you purchase any of the above please let me know what you think!

Lauren xxx