My Everyday Shoe Collection

To some of you shoe-a-holics out there my shoe collection might seem quite underwhelming as admittedly I do not own that many pairs of shoes! But, in the recent months I have added a few new pairs to my collection. I have never been obsessed by shoes, always preferring to buy an outfit over a new pair of winter boots or heels. I’m not sure why? But Ive always chosen clothes over shoes. Recently though shoes have become more and more appealing to me and I am trying to collect pairs that really speak to me. I’m trying to create for myself a capsule shoe collection – so I may not have a lot of pairs but at least I’ll have a pair to go with every type of outfit.

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cover photo clarks

First pair up and my newest pair of shoes are these classic loafers from Clarks. Now don’t laugh because they are from Clarks! When one works in retail and is standing for over 8 hours per day comfort plays a huge role in your choice of footwear! These are their ‘Hotel Chic’ loafers and as far as I’m aware they stock them usually every autumn/winter.

These shoes are perfect for when I’m feeling a more sophisticated style. They look great with black skinny jeans and a blouse or tapered black trousers. Similar – here.


Next are a pair you have seen before on my blog – my strappy ballet flats from River Island. To be totally truthful you can only wear these for a few hours before they get uncomfortable but they look great with skinny jeans and a t-shirt or with a skirt. These are still available online – here.


Another pair of shoes I think every girl should possess is a pair of Chelsea Boots. Lets be honest, they just go with everything! These ones are from River Island. Similar – here.


Something that is great and comfortable – a pair of runners! I think these are the first pair of actual Nike runners Ive owned since I was 12? Nevertheless I think they look really cool for day to day wear. Similar – here.

clarks5 clarks3

A more autumnal purchase is my Topshop fringe boots. I love these so much as Ive never really seen anything like them before? They are great to style if your into the boho 70’s trend! Available – here.

clarks4 clarks2

My last pair of shoes to show you are a great pair of everyday boots from Aldo. These boots in my opinion are the perfect casual lace up boot. The detailing is definitely what drew me to them! They are suede so I am extra careful when I wear them. These look fab with black skinny jeans and a casual t-shirt or kitted jumper! Similar – here.

clarks9 clarks7 clarks8

So there are all my everyday shoes! And it has only dawned on me that they are black?!

Hope you enjoyed!

Lauren xx