Foundation Review


Hey guys! So, I recently purchased the infamous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks now so I thought I would review it for you guys, considering it is €45!! So if you are planning on buying this foundation here are my opinions and some before and after photos of me applying the foundation.

After purchasing this product I couldn’t wait to try it and see what I thought of it? So many Youtubers rave about this stuff so I just needed to test it for myself and see if its worth the hype. I also heard a certain Kimmy K loves this foundation and if there is something on the market us mere mortals can purchase to give us Kim K’s flawless make-up face, then hell I’ll give it a shot!!

First I primed my face using my KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream – which I just purchased also and I am loving!


I applied the foundation with my Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush face brush (number 56).


I bought the foundation in the shade 3.5 which is sort of my in between tanning shade, if you know what I mean? Its not when I’m at my darkest from fake tanning but, not when I’m at my fairest either. I usually purchase foundations in these random shades because I tan more often than not and its just easier than having two shades of every foundation I own.


And here is the finished product. Bear in mind I haven’t used any concealer or filled in my eyebrows, its just the foundation on its own.

before and after

What do I think? Well forgive me for jumping on the bandwagon, but, this is seriously good stuff! Its extremely lightweight which is great in my opinion and very blendable. One pump gives a very natural finish but, if you prefer a more noticeable coverage then 2 pumps is plenty. Its also oil-free, which is another plus for anyone prone to pimples or has oily skin – like myself! But its also water based which gives it that luminous feel. As you can see from my photo it definitely gives you a dewy sheen to the skin which, personally is my favourite as I hate matte foundations.

I would give this foundation a very high 8/10. It only looses 2 points because 1, it doesn’t last too long during the day and 2, no foundation is a 10/10 haha!! This and my Nars foundation are definitely my two favourites bases I have ever used!GA7

Thanks for reading!

Lauren xxx