Bondi Sands Fake Tan


One of my favourite tans! Im so happy I discovered this magical stuff. I used to use Cocoa Brown tan by Marisa Carter for years purely because it was cheap and easily accessible. And don’t get me wrong I still love my Cocoa brown for everyday wear, but it just stay on my skin for very long and comes off with one wash. But for its €8 price tag its amazing!!

This tan however is a little more expensive but totally worth it in my opinion! Its €20 from your local Superdrug and mine is all the way in Omni but its definitely worth the car journey 🙂

Firstly it has the most amazing scent of coconuts and really does not smell like ordinary fake tan which is amazing. It also has a guide colour for easy application. I bought mine in the darkest shade, but there are lighter ones available. So when you apply it it says to apply one coat and if after a half hour you think its not getting dark enough it says to apply another coat. Ive never applied the second coat as I prefer to apply it over a two day basis.

It has great colour pay off and develops the darkest out of a lot of tans I’ve tried. If you’ve tried Fake Bake Extreme, its somewhat similar but much easier to apply and doesn’t wash off as much in the shower. Another good thing about this tan is that it doesn’t really dry out your skin either. It also fades beautifully without the nasty patches some tans have!

I was really impressed by this tan and would say its definitely worth a try if your a tanoholic like myself 🙂

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