10 tips for transitional dressing

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Hey guys so with it being mid September I thought I would put together some tips for transitioning your wardrobe into autumn. Seeing as the weather is a bit mental at the moment, warm one day, raining the next, its all about adding some new key pieces to your wardrobe that will work for all occasions and weather.

Here are some of my key  tips:

1. A lightweight jacket

This will probably be one of the first things I will look for this autumn to transition my wardrobe as its not cold enough for a wooly jacket but not warm enough for my denim jacket! The great thing about a lightweight jacket is that you can wear it with just a t-shirt and jeans or when its more colder you can layer it over cardigans and heavy knitwear or a big scarf.


lightweaight jacket

2. Layer Turtlenecks

One of the big trends this year at NYFW was wearing your turtleneck underneath almost anything. Yep its that simple. You can wear them in all colours and underneath everything for an instant autumnal vibe. You can layer them under your heavy knitted jumper, under your boho dress, even under your favourite jumpsuit.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.36.20Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.20.44 Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.20.17turtleneck

3. Blanket Poncho

A blanket poncho is a super easy way to make your wardrobe more autumnal. They are everywhere at the moment as well so there is definitely one out there for you! I just love them with a preppy school girl vibe. Wear them with an a-line skirt, blouse and loafers for a chic look.67b20b2dfb56d2ff9219ed435a737e1d 844c18a7f5bfda8a591dd6e6807b65ab


4. A long sleeved blouse

A new crisp blouse is always a great investment in your wardrobe come autumn/winter. My generic autumn outfit seems to consist of blouses and skinny jeans. They will look great with your lightweight jacket or your blanket poncho.  I love either cream or black as they will pretty much go with everything.



5. Swap all your boho prints for a more minimalist style

Swapping all those bohemian prints from summer to something like a stripe t-shirt is an instant way to change the look of your style. As the whole bohemian trend is a predominantly summer vibe by switching your summer floaty top to a classic stripe t-shirt paired with tailored shorts or dark skinny jeans you instantly have a totally new look.



6. Brogues and Loafers

I personally think swapping your favourite pair of converse or your sandals for some brogues or a classic loafer is a huge way to step into Autumn – get it?:)

Maybe its because school starts back in September and the whole preppy college look starts to emerge? How and ever I love these kind of shoes and I think they look great dressed up with a skirt or casual with skinny jeans.4970028679dae695575b3d51c9a4f467 89c26e7627c7615b8f2cbb9d783e0240

brogues and loafers

So there you have it! My top tips for transitioning your wardrobe into Autumn.

Hope you enjoyed!

Lauren x