Well hello again!

I just love Sundays, they are by far my favourite day of the week. Everyone is so chilled and relaxed on a Sunday and you can get everything you need to get done that you didn’t have time for during the week, today! Its especially enjoyable for lunching and coffee dates with friends, so it is your day to indulge 😉 As most of my friends work full time now or are travelling the world we rarely get to see each other so sundays are the perfect time for a cup of tea and a catch up.

Today my boyfriend and I are going for lunch. I honestly cant remember he last time we have gone out for lunch or dinner since Marbella!! Oh and by the way we have just booked a little weekend getaway to Barcelona this October! So I am uber excited about that. Today will probably be spent planning our trip via trip advisor – (how did one ever plan anything before trip advisor??) and we still need to book accommodation.

Sundays are also the perfect pamper day. This is one of my favourite face masks by Lush, its super moisturising and really revitalises my skin after a long working week. Face mask and nail painting are some of my favourite things todo on Sundays…what are yours? xx



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