My two newest Kiehl’s purchaces


Hello Everyone 🙂

Today was such a beautiful day in Dublin I decided to blog outside in the sunshine. Im so grateful for it to be sunny on my day off – for once! I recently purchased these two new products to add to my skincare regime, “Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream” and their famous cult product “Midnight Recovery Concentrate”.

midnight midnight1midnight3 midnight4

Now the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is so lovely to use on your skin and its amazingly hydrating, but I only use it about once a week to avoid breakouts as it is rich in pure essential oils which can sometimes flare up my skin. If I have been having late nights or have been working a lot and my skin is feeling dull this really helps replenish my skin and give it some glow. Although I have to say I prefer my Kiehl’s Powerful – Strength Line Reducing Concentrate as I can use this every night before bed and therefore can see better long term effects from using this product. I have reviewed this serum here. This oil is a nice little addition into my skincare regime at most.

The eye-cream I have only been using for about two weeks and has already made a great difference to my fine lines under my eyes! I went for this eye-cream because its one of their best-sellers and because it has a claim that after 3 weeks you will definitely notice a difference. I was previously using an Origins eye cream but to be honest it made no difference to my under eyes whatsoever, well, until I tried this Kiehl’s one and I quickly realised that the origins one didn’t really do anything. I think this is a great first time eyecream for anyone out there who doesnt know where to look. I would definitely recommend this eye cream to try out.