New Spring Coat


Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are well? Today I thought I would blog my new trench coat which I bought specifically for the spring weather – which as I look out my window at the rain, seems to have gotten lost somewhere?! But anyhow, Ive been seeing trench coats everywhere lately and thought I must have one. Apart from being on trend at the moment its really practical for travelling to work everyday as now I don’t have to worry about my skirt blowing up in the wind and giving the taxi men an eyeful or having cold legs while waiting for my bus -well, cold thighs I suppose 🙂

I tried on numerous trench coats before I settled on this one, I tried on an amazing one from Zara which was €90 (insert monkey emoji here!) and as I was prepared to buy it, when I tried it on it just didn’t really seem like me. This happened continuously throughout my trench coat shopping experience,  there just wasn’t one that I felt didn’t age me too much or was too heavy or too light. Until low and behold – Penneys saves the day! Believe it or not this trench is from Penneys/Primark and for a fraction of the price that these coats usually retail for. I paid €35 for mine 🙂 It really does go to show that you don’t have to buy the most expensive coat to feel good or to feel like yourself in. As I said I was prepared to spend the €90 on the Zara version but didn’t because I didn’t feel like me. What I loved about the Penneys/Primark one is their contemporary take on the classic by adding quilted leather sleeves. I think it gives it a younger feel.

I think these coats look really cute when worn casual with some nice blue jeans and a white t-shirt! What are your must have coat styles this spring? I’d love to know!

Love Lauren xxx

trenchcoat9 trenchcoat8trenchcoat12 trenchcoat10trenchcoat2trenchcoat13 trenchcoat7trenchcoat6trenchcoat5trenchcoat4trenchcoat3trenchcoat1trenchcoatTrench Coat – Penneys/Primark

Jeans – Selected Femme

Top – Zara

Bag Penneys/Primark