Throwback Thursday and future plans

Last year I went on so many amazing trips and holidays, that I look back and think, wow! 2014 was such an amazing year for me in a lot of ways! The friendship and connection between my boyfriend and I grew so much and we closer than ever now, I went to Paris for the first time, I graduated college, I went to Spain and Valencia and I also travelled along the West coast of America with my family, I started a new job, made new friends and had such a special Christmas with loved ones!

But my favourite memories have got to be when I was travelling.


I think Paris will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was my first holiday with Pete and I would probably say the best one! It was my first trip to Paris and I just fell in love with the city. I would love to visit Paris again soon, maybe this Christmas or early next year? I think its so important to plans vacations and trips or even just ‘days out’ experiencing something new. I always like to be looking forward to something, wether its short term or long term!



I also visited Spain this year with Pete and we had an amazing 10 days! We just chilled at the beach every day and ate loads of food and drank loads of mojitos – perfect. We also visited Valencia, which is the 3rd biggest city in Spain.


A holiday I will never forget is travelling around California with my family! I have so many amazing memories form this trip that I dont think any holiday will beat it for a long time. I ticked the box on so many things I wanted to do in my life, like, visit San Fran and cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge – which by the way, is not as plain sailing as you might think!!

I seen Route 66 in Santa Barbara, I travelled around LA and visited Beverley Hills, I went to the infamous Dash store owned by The Kardashians. I revisited one of my favourite places – San Diego and I stayed in The Venetian hotel in Vegas – something I’ll never forget! I wrote about all my travels around the West coast on this blog in my Travel section. But I’ll link here, here and here for you.


So 2014 will be hard to beat! But as I allways like to have something to look forward, me and Pete have booked 10 days away in June to Marbella and Puerto Banús! Ive never been to that part of Spain before so Im really excited to see what its like.

The reason I love Spain so much has got to be the amazing food, guaranteed good weather and the white sandy beaches. Apparently Puerto Banús is a real posh area and the port is filled with yachts and expensive cars driving around haha! I cant wait to see that!

We’re staying in a lovely hotel between Marbella and Puerto Banús called the Melia Marbella Banús, we got a great deal for 10 nights on Trivago. I would definitely recommend checking out Trivago, its one of my favourite booking sites.

Here are some photos of are hotel we will be staying in,


I love travel and theres still so many places I want to visit like, Thailand and New York! Where are some of your favourite holiday destinations? Or do you have any plans for summer?

I’d love to know!


Lauren xxx