Esteé Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Concealer


Some of you out there may love or loath this foundation, but I absolutely LOVE it, its holy grail to me at this stage!

My first Esteé Lauder foundation was the Double Wear Light foundation, similar to the normal Double Wear but just a tad more sheer and there are less shades to chooses from. But honestly the Double Wear Light in number 2 was the perfect match for my skin tone and I still haven’t found another foundation shade quite as perfect as that colour match.

I loved my Double Wear Light but recently my skin tone has been quite uneven and Ive been working long days in a fast paced atmosphere that I decided to graduate up to Double Wear itself. The shade I bought is “2W1 Dawn”. I chose this shade because the shade above this was too light for when I fake tan or for my evening makeup, so this seemed like the perfect choice. Although my Double Wear Light was the shade in between these two, unfortunately it didn’t come in the Double Wear, so I made do with the slightly darker tone.

Double Wear has a bad reputation for being a “cakey” foundation, but honestly guys, I don’t find it any more cakey than MAC Studio Fix Fluid, in fact, their consistency is much rather the same! What I love about Double Wear is that it lasts the whole day even when I’m in work for 9 hours and on the bus home and its still visible that night. Whereas I find with other foundations they only last roughly about 5 hours, well 5 hours on my face anyway, thanks to my oily T-zone!

I would recommend this foundation to anyone who is self conscious about there skin whether that be spots or uneven skin tone because it gives amazing coverage on troublesome areas and evens out skin tone immensely! It lasts super long as well and you get great pay off with less product, which is very economical too. The fact that I know I can trust it to keep me looking polished throughout a busy working day definitely puts me at ease.

It is a quick drying foundation so I recommend applying a good layer of moisturiser right before application to help it settle better into the skin. Buff the foundation into the skin quickly to get a less powdery finish!


The Double Wear Concealer is quite good but its very thick so it sits in the skin slightly and definitely doesn’t last as long as the foundation itself. Its still a good concealer nonetheless but I prefer a creamer consistency as I find they are easier to work with! I like to carry it in my make-up bag though, as its so tiny and great for touch-ups!