Dream Dots

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I suffer quite regularly with bad break outs, probably once a month, and its nothing to do with how much water I drink or wether Ive had a take away or anything like that. Its just my hormones, as Im 23 now and I can probably guess I will still get spots throughout my twenties, and I know that no amount of eating my veggies will fix it.

I recently got in touch with Dream Dots as I wanted to try out these acne patches as my skin has been so bad lately and I cant seem to get it under control. I think it has been stress mixed with feeling under the weather!

I was so excited to try these as I had heard only good things about them. What intrigued me was the fact that you put a tiny circle shaped plaster which contains spot treatment directly on to the spot, to target it more effectively. I had never tried anything like this before or heard of any similar product.


This is a photo of how my skin looked before I started using Dream Dots. Brace yourselves.

dream dots2

So this is mainly my troublesome area and on the other side of my mouth as well. As you an see its quite red and irritated, and i have some nasty pimples! Gross! So, basically 4 days ago I started to apply the patches on each individual spot – big and small, and my first impression was, I couldn’t believe how invisible the patch really was? I even felt confident to wear them out of the house to pop to the shop during the day. When I woke up the following morning the first effects from the patches was a reduction in swelling. which was great as I had quite large under the skin type spots at the time.

This made my make-up application a lot better as it had made my chin less bumpy. My favourite thing about the patches was that they dont dry out your skin or make your skin all flakey around the pimple as this can happen with most acne treatments. It just works on healing the pore where the spot is. This in my opinion is the best feature about Dream Dots, as Ive tried a lot of spot creams and cleansers that totally just dry up your skin and leave you all flakey looking.

I also had a big night out over the weekend and what I found was so good about them was, before I applied my make-up, maybe two hours prior, I applied the patch to reduce the swelling of my larger pimples. Then cleansed and moisturised my face well, then applied my make-up. This made such a difference to my make-up application in the end let me tell you! So they can also be a little quick fix if you have some were important to go!

dream dot6

Over the next 3 nights I continued to apply the patches and noticed visible reduction in swelling on the bigger pimples and on the little ones they visibly disappeared after one usage! Amazing! My spots were still a little red but looked virtually invisible under make-up by the third application!

Yesterday was the first day in about 2 weeks that I actually felt confident about my skin again and its all down to Dream Dots. I highly rate these and couldn’t recommend them any more and I definitely will be purchasing them straight away when my next nasty break out appears!

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Dream Dots are available at most pharmacies and are priced at €13.99 or you can buy them online here.