Chanel Perfection Lumiére

chanel review

Hey guys,

Ive recently started a new job in a well known department store in Dublin and as with most department stores they have a wonderful beauty hall with high end brands everywhere, its almost overwhelming. With this new job I receive 20% of all beauty and make-up which is amazing, as Ive never worked anywhere before where I received discounts on any produce. So as I needed to purchase a new foundation I decided to go to the more high end brands as with my new 20% discount, why not? I went to the Chanel counter, as I had been hearing wonderful things about there Vita Lumiére foundation. The girl at he counter recommended I go for the Perfection Lumiére foundation as I have oily combination skin.

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This foundation normally retails at €45.00 I think? But I got it for €35.00. The colour I went for was “30 Beige” and although I know it is too dark for me, its perfect for when I wear fake tan, which is most of the time anyway!

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When I first apply the foundation it doesn’t really sit well with my skin if you know what I mean? its only after a I finish my whole face and let the make-up settle on my face for a few minutes it begins to look good. Which as you can imagine, Im not too happy about.

It isn’t really the coverage that Im used to either, it says its medium build-able which I agree, but I don’t like wearing a lot of foundation on my skin. I prefer using less product but gain immediate pay-off.

Another thing about the foundation is that it it very heavily scented and has made me break out quite badly around my chin area. It took me about a week to realise that the foundation was the culprit as I haven’t changed anything else in my beauty regime recently.

Unfortunately because of this I have stopped using the foundation and I don’t think I would rush out to purchase another Chanel foundation again. I think the foundation would suit someone with less sensitive skin or normal skin but if you have sensitive/oily skin I would avoid this like ebola!