New, Old, Vintage!


This outfit is pretty much a miss match of some of the pieces I own in my wardrobe – new, old and vintage! These are the kind of outfits I love the most, because no matter what, you know that nobody will be wearing the same outfit as you around town or out in a nightclub. Theres nothing I hate more than when the new stock comes into River Island or Missguided and everyone is wearing the same outfit or has the same style of clothes on. Im not sure about elsewhere but in Dublin when a statement dress/jacket/skirt (you name it) from River Island/Topshop’s new collection hits the stores, it will be walking around the Dublin nightclub scene. Literally you and about three others will be wearing the same dress on the weekend, nightmare!

This fur shrug belonged to my Gran and it is my most treasured piece of clothing I own, its has such a 1920’s vibe, but yet goes with everything. Its really timeless and elegant, so when I want to impress someone I pull this cat out of the bag every once in a while.

The skirt Ive had for about 3-4 years and its from River Island, I never wore it too much because it didn’t fit me properly and was always slightly too big. Its style originally meant it sat on your hips, but I hate anything that isn’t high waisted, so recently I asked my Mom to take it in to fit my waist and now it has a whole new lease of life! My crop jumper is new and is from American Apparel but that just goes to show you that you don’t always need to spend money on new outfits and sometimes by just trying old and new stuff on you create a totally unique look that no one else will have!








Fur Shrug – Vintage

Jumper – American Apparel

Skirt – River Island

Shoes – River Island



  1. September 15, 2014 / 11:46 pm

    This is a fantastic outfit! Love the fur and the short top and the skirt is great. Those heels match so well… Good job. 😉