New Hair @ Hair Boutique

Its been long overdue that I needed to take a visit to the hairdresser and get something done about my unsightly roots! Although they did grow on me towards the end – sort of had my own mini balayage thing going on, but for me it just looked untidy and unkept. Im not totally ruling out the ombre hair look, as I have recently posted about that particular hairstyle and how I have taken a serious shine to it – when done professionally! I think this autumn winter if I pluck up the courage it will definitely be my next hairstyle as Im craving a change. But for now I decided I wanted to tone down my hair to a more natural dark blonde.

For the last 4 years Ive been blonde and for the past 2 years Ive been ash blonde and this has really taken its toll on my hair. Its become dryer and thinner from all the years of bleaching. The main reason I decided to get low lights was because on a student budget the maintenance of barbie blonde hair was becoming too much and I just couldn’t afford it anymore, and with quitting my part-time job in pursuit of my dream job upon completing my degree, my money situation might be tight for the first while come September! So, it was the sensible side in me that said toning down the hair would be most practical. When my roots where long and I tied back my hair into a high ponytail all you could see was my natural hair colour (light brown) and I realised it really warmed my face up and made my eyes appear so much greener. Im quite convinced that this medium-dark blonde hair is definitely more suited to my skin tone than ash blonde, which also persuaded me for the change.

Ive always drifted from hairdresser to hairdresser as Ive never really found a place that I absolutely love, or a hairdresser that has really impressed me. However this all changed when I decided to try the quaint little Hair Boutique on the North side of Dublin near where I live. Ive never been recommended this salon nor do I know anyone that has come here, but when I checked the price list online and seen that a full head of highlights and a cut was only €95 I was sold đŸ™‚

Its situated in Clontarf in a really picturesque courtyard shared by a florist also, so there is loads of beautiful flowers and cute ornaments as you walk up to the entrance. The decor inside the salon didn’t disappoint with its hanging chandeliers and french style wallpaper and mirrors – really shabby chic with a Parisian chic twist I would say. The salon was full with clients and people waiting when I arrived (always a good sign) and I was greeted immediately and offered tea or coffee while I waited. Its really small on the inside with only three styling stations and two basins, but I think this works in its favour as it makes your experience more personal and adds a friendly atmosphere.


Nicola took care of me and was my hair stylist, and she really wanted to make sure that she did my hair just how I wanted and really listened to what I told her and the colour change I wanted to go for.

Here is a picture of my hair before I got it done,

As you can see it became quite brassy and looked really unhealthy!


And here is the after,

photo 2

photo 1

As you can see its much fresher and more healthy looking. The colour is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier, I will definitely be returning to the Hair Boutique when my roots need doing after summer!








    • July 9, 2014 / 2:33 pm

      Thank you so much Pamelunag!Definitely will look into this, So grateful xx