My Holiday Buying Essentials (toiletries)

Hello everyone 🙂 This post is probably going to be long and rambley because before I go away I am convinced I need to bring absolutely everything but the kitchen sink, so I’ll try keep it as brief as possible and only include my must-must haves!

1. Suncream

Okay this might seem blatantly obvious, but I always much prefer buying my suncream before I land just because I’m the biggest worrier. Me and my pasty Irish skin cant be in 30 degree heat for too long because I’ll either just go red or eventually burn –  not pretty! I have burned myself badly in the past from going on crazy girly holidays and being irresponsible, but protecting my skin properly is my biggest priority now. I usually bring a factor 30 for extremely hot wether or if your out at sea on boat ride etc – its just always good to have! In my experience, better safe than sorry. I also bring a factor 15 and factor 8, towards the end of the holiday I’ll wear factor 8 tanning oil. But I only use tanning oil with factor in it!!


2. Body Lotion (And lots of it!)

Its super important to moisturise your skin on a sunny wether holiday as too much sun and heat can make your skin dry and uncomfortable. Moisturising after every shower will also help prolong your tan too 😉 I bought a new one by Garnier called Body Oil Beauty which is an oil-infused lotion.


3. Fake tan

This might sound crazy bringing fake tan away on your summer holiday, when your supposed to get all tanned over there but, ahem, not everyone tans and not everyone tans like a Spanish person either!! I am fair skinned and fair haired so as you can imagine Im not exactly going to come home after a 10 day holiday with an amazing tan. Naturally I get a golden tan but nothing that would be really dark like my boyfriend would, he just steps into the sun and his skin completely changes. Lucky for him. So at the beginning I do put a little instant tan on at night to give me some confidence, as I wouldn’t go out at home without tan so, why would I do it somewhere different?

I also pack a developing tan too, just incase I’m feeling super pasty in my bikini and I can no longer bare my reflection as I look like a sick patient next to all the lovely tanned people :'( But hey, nobody has to know! Fake it till you make it I say!


4. Exfoliator

The only reason I pack this is because I bring fake tan with me and I don’t want any dodgy elbows or knees for the whole holiday while the fake tan wears off.

5. Strapless Bra

A little bit off track on the toiletry front but a must have nonetheless, is a flesh coloured mutliway/strapless bra. This is on the list because I feel it is essential for all your little holiday crop tops, string tops, boob tubes and dresses, and anything else you feel it necessary. One of my ultimate pet hates is seeing unsightly bra straps hanging around the place and ruining outfits. I cant stress how annoying it is when you have a lovely little dainty top or a strapless dress but no appropriate underwear to go along with it.

So I make sure I purchase a new one before I go away, I choose flesh colour because its just the most practical colour.

I bought mine in Dunnes Stores for €8, which is such a good price but you can buy these bras everywhere so choice can be personal.

6. Big Clips and Slides

I always have to carry a big hairdressing clip around with me in my beach bag or handbag as when Im at the beach my hair gets super knotty from the salty water and if I use a bobbin it just gets all tangled around it and makes my life a lot worse. Little slides are always a must for me all year round as they are just so handy for doing little hairstyles going out for dinner etc.


7. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

This is so important for me as I have such dry hair at the moment and I am really trying to repair it and I’m worried that the beach is only going to make it much worse. So, I recently tried Hask Argon oil shampoo and conditioner, which Ill be bringing away with me. If you want to read more about that you can do so hear.

post 6

8. Hairspray

Nothing worse than curling your hair and as soon as you step outside your well air conditioned hotel room into the heat – boom – hello straight/flat hair! Cant even! I recommend always bringing a good strong hair spray for this, hair mousse also helps if you apply some when your hair is still wet for extra stiffness in the hair.

9. Cotton wool

Light and easy to fit in the suitcase and perfect for taking off your makeup off with at night.

10. Eye Make-up Remover

I feel like this can be easily forgotten but its definitely an essential in my book. As I don’t use make-up wipes I need something thats going to remove my make-up form the night before easily without me pulling all my eyelashes out. I absolutely hate when I forget this.


And there you have it, these are all the toiletries I make sure I pack before I jet off somewhere nice. Do you have any must haves you pack n your suitcase, if so, I’d love to hear them! Hope his was useful to some of you.

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